Nelson Mandela’s wise words on education ” Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”

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of refugee adolescents are attending secondary school compared to a global average of adolescents attending secondary school of

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Light for All – Uganda (L4A-U) is a  Non-Governmental Organisation operating in Uganda with the mission of:

  1. Promoting formal and informal education for marginalized groups, including refugees;
  2. Producing and distributing renewable energy in schools, health centers and villages without electricity;
  3. Providing health and food security to children and their families to improve learning conditions;
  4. Establishing a system of access to financial resources for marginalized groups particularly youth and women in order to combat poverty.

L4A-U  current priority is to facilitate access to education for Burundhan children and young refugees in Uganda under its flagship programme:  “No child left behind”



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