No Child Left Behind

Burundi is a lesser known crisis which is not featured in the headlines of the mainstream media despite the nearly half-a-million refugees scattered in neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania but also Uganda, Kenya, Zambia etc.

Uganda hosts over 50,000 Burundians spread in several settlement camps, but also in cities such as Kampala. Many of them live in extreme conditions of poverty, with no or minimal access to basic needs such as food and shelter.

They fled their homes in extremely traumatic circumstances, such as death threats and more often than not, left family members behind. Many of them interrupted university studies and careers, while the rest were still in primary and high school. Today, the majority of these young people are scattered in Ugandan cities with no resources and no guidance and are at an increasingly high risk of turning into a lost generation if no action is taken.

Nelson Mandela’s wise words on education ” Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world” form the basis of our action

We are currently running a child sponsorship programme called No Child Left Behind allowing out-of-school refugee children to access education in a sustainable way.

Light4All targets three categories:

  • Young people who fled alone
  • Orphans
  • Children with single parents or whose parents have no income.

Predictably, hundreds of children/youth are still out of school and exposed to all kinds of dangers including the use of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, etc.

A number of parents struggle to contribute to the education of their children, but with limited means, they can hardly afford a minimum percentage of the required means for covering education expenses even for just one child.

As a long-term strategy, Light4All is launching a sponsorship programme starting with the 2018 school year.

Our Goal

Despite living in two seemingly unconnected worlds, we strongly believe that what unites a refugee and his or her potential sponsor outweighs what separates them. Our ambition is therefore to contribute to a more humane society by bringing these two groups together. We aim at building a better future for those who continue to suffer the traumas of war. By focusing on education, L4A upholds the values of love and compassion, while also providing alternatives to greed, division, hatred and violence.

The One Child-One Sponsor Scheme

Once you become a sponsor, you pledge an amount of US$ 690 to cover the costs of education for one child in the course of a one-year period. These include tuition, boarding and school material.

After expressing your interest in becoming a sponsor you receive information about the children and youth who benefit from the project. At this stage, you are simultaneously given the opportunity to select the student you wish to sponsor.

As a sponsor you will receive regular updates on the project as a whole, on your student’s progress, including pictures and letters from him or her.

Payment of the yearly contribution can be done per month (US$ 58) or per term (US$ 230). Your pledge for sponsorship is renewed on a yearly basis. For more information, please read our brochure in English No Child Left Behind and in French Aucun Enfant Laissé à La Traîne

Light4All – Uganda carries out other educational activities such as:

  • Individual support for university students like Yvan.
  • LEAP (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme), a vocational training programme targeting 30 young refugees aged 18-25 and led by MCE (Mentor Coach Empower), a Ugandan social enterprise.
  • Counselling program aiming to provide psychological support and healing for war-scarred youth.

Read here a detailed presentation of L4A-U programme for out-of-school children & youth in Uganda.