Our Partners

The Association for Sustainable Development- INKINGI (ASD-INKINGI)

ASD-INKINGI was founded in Uganda in 2018 with the objective of contributing to poverty eradication through sustainable economic development of Uganda communities. ASD-Inkingi specialises in agribusiness and offer short-term courses on innovative livestock-farming and agriculture. It supports beneficiaries to start their own agribusiness activities. ASD-INKINGI also pledges to provide skills training to women, youth among the migrants, refugees and host communities in job creation through livestock-farming and agriculture as well as handcraft makings.

Mental Coaching Empower (MCE):

MCE is a Ugandan social enterprise that works to enhance economic development by equipping youth with entrepreneurship and employability skills. Their aim is to enable youth to start and grow businesses, take leadership initiative, create jobs and improve livelihoods. MCE delivers training, mentoring and coaching sessions to selected youth from out-of-school Ugandan communities as well as Burundian communities. The programme is called LEAP (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme).

Maison Shalom:

Maison Shalom was created in October 1993 in Ruyigi to rescue and offer protection, education and care to orphans and other vulnerable groups, mainly victims of the conflict in Burundi. Maison Shalom was founded by Marguerite ‘Maggie’ Barankitse, who has since been recognised by several international awards for her inspirational work. Owing to the current political situation in Burundi, Maggy and her team have had to withdraw to Rwanda, where they have created Maison Shalom Rwanda in order to help Burundian refugees who fled to Rwanda.

Moutier Municipality (Switzerland) and its Burundian diaspora:

The Commission Moutier-Buhinyuza which is a friendship programme between Moutier, a municipality in Switzerland and Buhinyuza, a municipality in Burundi has, for many years supported development programmes in Burundi until the outbreak of the current political crisis. Currently, Moutier municipality supports the education of 13 children in Uganda.

European University Institute of Florence (EUI) :

For one year and half ( May 2017-december 2018), EUI provided sponsorship for 7 refugee children in Uganda

The Burundian diaspora in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali,  Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, UK and US .