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Patience Nduwayo, 22 

Patience is the first-born of a family of five who fled the violence in Burundi since 2015. None of the five children is going to school, the biggest challenge being to meet family basic needs. Patience never gave up on her dream of becoming a musician, which she hopes will help her to earn enough to support her family and other young people.

“The most defining knowledge that I got from MCE training is related to decision-making, goal-setting, leadership and how to carry myself during an interview. For example my goal is to be one of the greatest guitarist in the world in the next ten years. To reach that goal, I started teaching French lessons in Ugandan schools to have an income that will enable me to enrol into a school where I will thoroughly study music.

Thanks to the training, I felt compelled to take a decision to find a French teaching job. By putting into practice the acquired knowledge, I was selected among three candidates. I give thanks to the Lord for this opportunity and I thank Madam Chantal and her team who helped me out and humbly request them to help others like me”.


Gislaine Akimana, 22 

Gislaine fled Burundi with her sister in June 2015. She had just completed high school and intended to go to university to follow her dream of becoming a medical doctor. When violence erupted in Burundi, she fled to Uganda leaving behind her dream. Today she struggles to make ends meet with the hope to one day find the means to start medical school.

“I feel lucky to have had the chance to take part in the youth training organised by Light4All and MCE. Through the course, I learnt many skills, which are going to help me throughout my life. I am confident that I can now start a business and prosper because I now know how to make the right choices and relevant decisions. Thanks to the training, I got a job and my work performance is very high.

My dream is to become a successful businesswoman capable of creating jobs for many young people and to help them fight poverty.


Parfait Nduwayo, 20 

The second-born of a family of five, Parfait left Burundi in 2015, as did many of the country’s youth. Parfait who, at the time, had completed high school dreamt of studying psychology at university. MCE training was an eye-opener, he says. He is now enrolled in a Mind-Set Education programme.

“After the LEAP training, I decided to join a Mind-Set Education training offered by the International Youth Fellowship in order to become a specialist in mentorship, like our trainer Tom. After completing the training, I will move to schools and other places teaching other youths how they can have the right mind-set and follow their dreams as a result. The mind-set, the leadership skills and the pitching lesson we acquired from MCE all served to open up my eyes to striving for something in line with my vision. My dream is to create jobs and opportunities for youths. I aspire to be rich. More importantly, I want to live to help others, something that Mme Chantal Mutamuriza, who is my role model, taught me. I no longer fear to start something for my life.

After the training, I also taught my younger brother and sisters how baking and making bracelets is one way for them to be active as they wait to find the means to go back to school and live out their dreams”.

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