Umuco Center

A safe haven for Burundian Refugees

Umuco means ‘light’ in Kirundi. The overall objective of Light4All in Uganda is to bring light to (figuratively and literally) vulnerable children and youth.

Through this initiative, the psychosocial needs of numerous young women and men refugees will be reached. The goal is not only to heal their emotional wounds, but also to restore their dignity through income-generating activities in the form of social business as well as vocational skills training. Moreover, we are aware that education is a bulwark against illegal migration, terrorism and violent extremism because a young person excluded from education and economic progress is vulnerable to radicalization and any form of indoctrination.

For this purpose, an Umuco Centre will be set up in the form of a drop-in centre and a hostel in order to meet the mental, physical and educational needs of refugees in Kampala and its surroundings. Umuco Centre will also serve as a place for learning new skills to accelerate the economic integration of young people, as non-formal education plays a crucial role in resilient societies. Umuco Centre is also A leadership platform to learn, grow and thrive: we will invite motivational speakers chosen among successful women and men to give talks, seminars, and conference to our youths in order to inspire them, build their confidence and prepare tomorrow’s leaders.