Women Economic Resilience Initiatives (WERI)

The main goal of this programme is ‘to support and boost the creation of sustainable income’ for women and girls in the Burundian refugee community.

Our primary focus is to fulfil our commitment to support both the Burundian refugee community and the host country in becoming economically resilient.

 Main program activities:

Concretely, we will carry out the following activities:

  • Hold workshops in smallholder farming and livestock production in order to learn how to increase and strengthen producer groups through ‘farmer field schools’ (FFSs) and solidarity chains. This will lead to improved food security and increased incomes for their households.
  • Distribute necessary livestock and seeds to kick start their own small farming projects and possibly agribusinesses.
  • Facilitate synergies between programmatic interventions by bringing the producer groups closer to the demand side agri-business (eg agro processing, trading, exporting SMEs) in equitable and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Invest in critical community infrastructures (purchase land and build pigsties and rabbit cages) where beneficiaries collectively supervise their crops and animals. This will result in a more organised community leading to productive and higher incomes for their households.
  • Train in women’s rights and financial literacy in order to contribute to increased gender equality, improved household financial management and lowered dependency ratios.